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About TechLab

TechLab formerly GameLab, was started in 2016 by PalmettoDev to teach code to teens. The objective was to teach software development but use a context that teens would find interesting, so we offered game development.

Since then, we have exposed a fair number of students to game development, many of whom are building their own games.

In 2019, we started offering web and app development and in 2022 we have added robotics, animation and 3D modeling.

Our main focus is to make learning code fun, relevant and profitable. With these objectives in mind, our students must also network, create teams and solve real world problems with the skills they learn.

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Current Challenges

For the period April - July 2022, teams are invited to submit solutions for problems in the following categories.

Web and Mobile Technology

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, learn and do business. The business community, in particular, has taken a large hit. Design a solution using web and mobile technology to make it safe and enjoyable for consumers to go shopping again.

Robotics and IoT

Global warming, supply chain disruptions and wars are pushing the price of food up. Design and build a prototype that solves this problem by automating food production in your community. Your solution should reduce the cost of production, reduce the space needed to cultivate food and reduce distribution cost.

Metaverse and Games

Carnival and festivals are a major part of Caribbean culture. The way that we experience these events have not been updated in many years and are in danger of becoming outdated and unsafe due to crime and diseases. Design and build a Metaverse solution which would make it possible for anyone to safely experience a Caribbean festival from anywhere in the world at any time.


The world we live in has too many problems and not enough people try to solve them. The PalmettoDev team will not sit and wait for others to solve problems that we all face. We must get involved and so should you.

The TechLab Challenges is designed to create an environment for innovative problem solvers to network, form teams, get access to technology and learn who to use these technologies to solve problems.


There is an old saying ‘Two heads are better than one’, if we work together we can solve any problem. Therefore many of the activities in the TechLab are designed to bring heads together to form teams and companies.


We encourage members to form diverse teams, that are made of people with different interests and skills. For example, a team who is working on a Web solution should not only have web developers but should also include graphic designers, marketers and so on.

Access to Tech

This is a great time to be alive. Never before have so much tech been available for free or at very low prices. We at TechLab have been leveraging these resources and will assist our members to use these technologies in their projects.


Our main objective is to expose our members to new skills and help them use these skills to solve real problems and change the world. Having the skills in the beginning is less important. TechLab is a place of learning by doing and the idea is to create an environment where members help each other.


Here are some of the projects submitted for the first quarter of 2022.

  • All
  • Web and Mobile
  • Robotics and IoT
  • Metaverse


Join the TechLab club and attend our workshops and networking events and take part in the TechLab Challenges.

Learn to code web and mobile applications, games and the Metaverse or robots and then Internet of Things.

TechLab Junior Membership

$14.71 USD

or $100.00 TTD/ month

  • Training Course
  • Networking Events
  • Live Technical Workshops
  • TechLab Challenges
  • Business Oppertunities

TechLab Senior Membership

$23.00 USD

or $150.00 TTD/ month

  • Training Course
  • Networking Events
  • Live Technical Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Business Oppertunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions and answers.

  • What is TechLab?

    It is a community of individuals and teams seeking to solve real world problems using existing technologies or by inventing new technology. Put simply, it’s a community of problem solvers.

    We support the community by issuing challenges, providing relevant training material, providing online workshops, creating networking event, promoting projects and by providing cash prized to teams who win challenges.

    • Level 1 - 4 Game Development and Metaverse C# Unity
    • Level 1 - 4 App and Web Development
    • Level 1 - 4 Robotics and IoT
  • These are real world problems issued as challenges to be solved by members of the TechLab community. These challenges are from three main categories: Web and Mobile Apps, Metaverse and Blockchain and Robotics and IoT.

    Members will be given access to all resources to complete their projects including training, workshops, components and software.

  • There are many benefits to be a member of the TechLab community, here are a few of the main ones:

    Learn new high value skills, like learning to code, electronic, robotics, the Internet of things, entrepreneurship, game development, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), and blockchain technology.

    Networking, team building, marketing and project management.

    Reinforce what is being learnt at school from all subject areas, as these skills and concepts are being applied in projects submissions.

  • We will provide training material and workshops on: Web and Mobile App Development, 3D (VR and AR) development, Graphic Arts and 2D Art, Business development and entrepreneurship, Robotics, IoT and Electronics, Intellectual Property Rights.

  • All submissions will be published on our social media pages and voted on by the wider community.


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